Volunteers are need for the Poppy Campaign

Contact Montgomery Legion's Poppy Chair - Dennis Sirman or call Phone 613-233-1611.


  • We distribute poppy boxes to a lot of businesses within our boundary.
  • A driver will be given a route that tell you where boxes must be dropped off.
  • The branch will compensate drivers for gas if they so choose.
  • Delivery on the 28th of October and pickup on the 12th.


  • Accompany a driver, physically deliver boxes to said outlet(s).


  • Over the campaign money has to be counted, rolled and sorted prior to deposit.

Pre-campaign readiness

  • Volunteers will help prepare boxes and poppies for distribution.

Tray carrier

  • We have sights such as Billings Bridge where a table will be set up and poppies will be distributed from there as well as accept donations.

Of course there are places for anyone who wishes to help.

Poppy Campaign office will have a supply of food and beverages for volunteers.