Scholarships and Bursaries
Thank you for your interest in The RCL Montgomery Branch bursary program.

The Legion does not have a national level bursary or scholarship program as all awards are administered by our local branches, such as Montgomery Branch, and Provincial Commands. Each branch is responsible for developing the specific eligibility requirements, deadlines and application procedures, which can vary regionally.

Some bursaries are awarded from the Poppy Trust Funds to students who are children or grandchildren of Canadian ex-service persons (war veterans or post-war service) and who are in need of assistance. These bursaries may be awarded at any stage of a college or university program. Other bursaries and scholarships may be awarded from other Legion funds and the criteria are established by the respective branch or Provincial Command.

For complete information on the bursaries and scholarships available from RCL Montgomery Branch, please contact us.

Best wishes for success as you pursue your post-secondary education.

Bursry Application Form