The winner for the 27th draw, series 2 was:

Terrie Houle
She chose envelope #12, which contained
the King of Diamonds.  She won $84.00.

The progressive jackpot for 18 January is at least $2,299.50.

Don’t forget to get your ticket(s) for next the next draw.


A fun new way to win...$$$$$$$$$$...A progressive raffle

Tickets $5 each
New draw every Saturday at 3:45pm

Simply purchase a ticket ($5.00 each) at the Montgomery Legion and on Saturday at 3:45 P.M., a ticket will be drawn and someone will win 20% of the weekly sales. You will then choose an envelope from a board that holds all 52 cards out of a deck. If the ACE OF SPADES is chosen, you will win an additional 30% of the weekly sales. If the ACE OF SPADES is NOT chosen, the 30% of the weekly sales will go into a progressive pot. It will continue to build each week until the ACE OF SPADES is chosen.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A LEGION MEMBER TO PLAY. Just drop in to the Legion, anytime it is open, to buy your ticket at the bar.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THERE FOR THE DRAW. When you purchase your ticket, you will put your name, phone number and envelope number (1 - 52), that you would like to open. We will open the envelope the night of the draw to see if the ACE OF SPADES is inside the envelope. If not, new tickets may be purchased for the next week's draw. You will still win your 20% of the weekly sales.

The raffle is being used as a FUNDRAISER for the Legion.  A portion of the Legion's share is given in the community as prescribed by Lottery license.

License Number - M836008